Esjehi Art Gallery in Male – Maldives

The Esjehi Art Gallery in Male is the ideal place to see the best of Maldivian art. Whether you want to see modern or traditional art, the gallery will satisfy your senses.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The gallery is in a building at Medhu-Ziyaarath Magu. This is at the east of the national museum and Sultan Park. Male isn’t that big, so you will see the building easily. You can use public transport to get to the capital.

What to See There

The building itself is noteworthy, as it is one of the oldest surviving structures on the island. Inside, there is a gallery where artists display their work. There is a workshop for artists. There is also a section displaying and promoting traditional and modern art. Visitors to the gallery will also see original Maldivian crafts and arts.

The galley isn’t just a place to engage local artists. Members of the Maldivian arts community also go there. The gallery itself is not that big. But the lack of size is more than made up for by the beautiful displays.


The Esjehi Art Gallery in Male is one of the oldest tourist attractions in the country. The building itself was built during the 1870s. The edifice used to be the residence of a nobleman. As Maldives became known worldwide, the place was eventually converted into an art gallery.


The entry fee to the exhibition is Rf 20. Of course the price of the art pieces vary.

Other Info

Besides the artworks, the gallery is also noted for its fine carving and well preserved wood panels. The gallery is also famous for its exhibitions. Artists take advantage of these events to promote their works. Many local artists also use these exhibitions to sell their work. If you are a collector, this is a good place to buy.

After visiting the gallery, you may want to drop by the other tourist sites close by. One of the best is the Sultan Park and National Museum. It is the only remnant left from the Sultan’s old place.

Since the place is not far off the gallery, you can go there easily. The gallery is also not far off the capital’s many restaurants and eateries.

The Esjehi Art Gallery in Male is open Saturdays to Thursdays from 8 am to 6:30 pm. On Fridays, it is open from 2 pm to 7 pm.