Esplanadi Park in Helsinki – Finland

The Esplanadi Park in Helsinki, the country capital of Finland, is one of the more important landmarks in the country – historical-wise. But it is also a worthy visit even if you are just for the fun and fulfillment of seeing it.

Location and How to Get There

The Esplanadi Park is located at the heart of Helsinki so getting there is pretty much an easy task. This lovely place, which begins at the harbor and winds up at the Swedish Theater, can be accessed by using the efficient Finnish public transport.

What to See There

The Esplanadi Park is remarkable for being framed in between two streets officially named Pohjoisesplanadi and Etalasesplanadi. It is a huge area for some relaxing moments, especially during summer when the weather is pleasant enough for some outdoor adventures.

If you like lush greenery combined with luxury hotels and restaurants, this is the place for you. It is a great spot to do people watching, shopping (due to its accessibility to the market), and strolling.

There are lots of sights to see at the Esplanadi Park. First, there’s the statue of Johan Ludwig Runeberg, a popular Finnish poet who wrote the national anthem. Famous writer, journalist and poet Eino Leino also has a statue in the park as well as tale-writer Saharias Topelius. There is also the Kapelli Café Brasserie, another remarkable point that you must not miss. It is a centuries-old restaurant that served in ancient times as a meeting place for high society gentlemen and artists. There is also the Espa Summer Theater, an open stage theater which hosts an assortment of events and shows during summer.

You will really enjoy a visit to the Esplanadi Park. It does not only makes for a nice sight but also a nice spot for interesting tourist activities as well.


The Esplanadi Park first opened in 1812. It was designed by architect Carl Ludwig Engel and has since been a favorite place among locals and tourists alike to unwind. Many of the trees that you can find in the park were planted in 1840s.


There is no word about the entrance fee to the park. But if ever there were, it would certainly be just a very minimal amount.

However, be prepared for some spending while you are in the park. There are restaurants to try within the park’s area. There are also shops where you can buy some interesting goods. The market square is a short 10-minute walk from the statue of Runeberg.

Other Info

Nightlife at Esplanadi Park is quite interesting as well. It is one of the best places in Helsinki to have a few drinks while chatting with friends.