Eten Island – Micronesia

Eten Island in Micronesia is a major historical site. A former Japanese air base, it is now a popular tourist destination. It is also known as Etan Island.


The island is part of Micronesia, a group of islands in the western Pacific Ocean. Polynesia is to its east, Melanesia to the south and the Philippines at the west. Etan island can be found at the south-east of Dublon (Tonoas). This is at the Turk Lagoon.

What to See

This used to be a Japanese air base, and it is still possible to see remains of their bases and planes. You can also visit the runway used by the Japanese planes, although it is now covered by palm trees.

Spread all around the island are the remains of Japanese command centers. One of the major attractions at Eten Island in Micronesia is a three story building. This was used as the aviation base and communications center. It is comprised of steel doors, windows and concrete. The building suffered extensive damage during the war.


Based on research, the only independent kingdom to have emerged from Micronesia was at Yap. Evidence points to the fact that the island came under European control early. The islands and other territories nearby would be colonized by Spain. It was not until the 20th century when the United States and Europe divided the islands.

The days, the islands of Micronesia are independent. The only exception being Wake Island and Guam, which are still US territories. The Northern Mariana Islands are U.S. Commonwealth.

Construction of Japanese military bass in Etan began in 1934. This meant half the island had to be leveled. When the Washington Naval treaty ended in 1937, the building process accelerated. The Japanese Navy and South Seas Government helped in the building. Construction continued at a more rapid pace in 1939.


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Other Info

Not far from the aviation headquarters are some blockhouses. One of them has a generator mount. You can also visit Mount Uinku, which offers a nice view of the islands. There is also a Type 89 (1929) 127 mm anti-aircraft gun at the top of Mount Uinku.

Eten Island in Micronesia is also a great place to go diving. The waters around the island are pure and clear. You will also find many wrecks around the island.