Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia

Porec is an old town located along the western shoreline of the Istrian Peninsula.

The town is nearly two thousand years old already. This quiet town is often visited by tourist from different parts of the world specifically to view to Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia.


Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia is located at Sv. Eleuterja, within the county of Istria.

Getting There

Flying in is via the international airport in Pula. From Pula, you can take a bus going to Porec. There are regular runs of buses between these two destinations so you can always catch the next one if you miss the first.

Once you get into Porec, your best option is to explore the old town on foot as it is relatively small and you can easily get to the Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia just by walking around town.

On the other hand, there are also buses and taxis available in town if you prefer to ride.

What to See and Do

For people visiting Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia, their primary purpose is to see the magnificent Byzantine mosaics covering the walls and the ceiling of the basilica.

Three prominent mosaics stand out here; that of Jesus Christ and His 12 Apostles and the second is that of Mother Mary and Child; the third one is that of St. Euphrasius holding a replica of the basilica.

Other mosaics include religious figures and Biblical scenes. Biblical scenes that played an important role in Christianity are that of the Annunciation and the Visitation.

After visiting the interiors of the basilica, you can climb up the belfry to have a sweeping view of the old town.

Brief History

The Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia was constructed during the 6th century, under Bishop Euphrasius.

The site where the basilica now stands formerly had a previous basilica but it fell into ruins over time.

The current basilica was built in honor of Mother Mary and some parts from the old basilica were used to build this new one.

This basilica is the earliest example of a church with three apses in all of Western Europe.


There is no entry fee to visit the Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia. To climb up the bell tower however, you will need to pay about 10 Croatian kuna.

Other Information

The Euphrasius Basilica in Porec – Croatia is open from 7:30 in the morning up to 8 in the evening between the months of April and September. From October thru March, the basilica is open from 7:30 in the morning up to 7 in the evening.