13 Exotic Destinations Reachable by Car

Apostle Islands cruise

Photo by TimWilson

1. Kayak Wisconsin’s Apostle Islands national lake shore

Wisconsin is known for cheese, rabid football fans and frigid winters, but if you seek an exotic destination of the outdoor kind, set your GPS for the Apostle Islands, where 22 islands “riddled with caves,” offer visitors breathtaking frozen-in-place waterfalls and cave chambers lavished with icicles. Sound like a science fiction film set? You bet. But do your homework before you grab a parka and pull out of your driveway by perusing the park’s website to get the skinny on park protocols. This entire area is protected by a variety of laws to keep it pristine—from shorelines to interiors—so remember to pack out what you pack in. Think of this as your chance to see how it feels to be in the Witness Protection Program: there should be no trace of you left behind after you’ve gone.

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