13 Exotic Destinations Reachable by Car

Austria? Switzerland? No! Colorado!

Photo by SomePhotosTakenByMe

3. Even pretzels taste exotic at Vail Colorado’s Austria Haus Hotel

There’s no need to pack lederhosen to check into the Austria Haus Hotel where architectural embellishments are so authentic, you can almost smell the sauerbraten simmering as you drive into the valley between Gore Creek and Meadow Lane. There are only 25 cozy guest rooms on premises, but they’re extraordinarily well appointed. Walk around barefoot in your suite, even when the temperatures drop, since the marble bathroom floors are heated. Architecturally true to Bavarian roots, the hotel is all about the details: hand-carved, decorative wood trim is lavished around balconies, doors and windows, yet you won’t have to spend all of your Euros to stay this exotic upper-middle-range boutique lodging. Guests enjoy access to pools and hot tubs. This haven is operated like a traditional Austrian ski chalet, so there’s plenty of ambiance inside and proximity to the Vista Bahn lift outside just for skiers.

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