Famagusta – Northern Cyprus

Being one of the most interesting places you can visit in Northern Cyprus, going on a tour of Famagusta will bring you face to face with ancient historical sites and artifacts. There are also plenty of activities you can do around here.


The city is at Northern Cyprus. If you are at Southern Cyprus and wish to go here, head over to the Green Line north. It is best to do this from the Strovilia crossing not far from Agios Nikolaos. Alternatively, you can cross the Nicosia border. From there you can get a bus headed to the city.

What to See

The old city is one of the main attractions on a tour of Famagusta. Well maintained Venetian fortifications surround the old city. When visiting the site, you will come across numerous fortifications and structures dating from the Renaissance.

Some of the structures have been damaged but many still remain. The building walls can also be seen. One of the most interesting sites here is the Cathedral of St. Nicholas which was turned into a mosque. Equally interesting is the St. George of the Greeks church.


Based on the available evidence, the city was first settled in around 300 BC. For a long time, the people living in the area made their living via fishing. The town became a port following the evacuation of Salamis. It was under the Lusignan rule that the area became a fully developed town. Its walls and harbor made it important in the Eastern Mediterranean.

By the 13th century, the town population had grown substantially. It was also a center for business and commerce. When Acre fell, the Christians came to the site. It would become one of the most prosperous cities in Christendom. By 1489, the city had become crucial for merchants as well.


A tour of the city will set you back around 56 Euro. This will include the fee to the museums, a guide and lunch. This rate is per person only.

Other Info

Aside from the frescoes in the churches, the rest of the old city is filled with many other ruins. From the Palm Beach Hotel, you will be able to see the ruined parts. At the north end of the city are the ruins of Salamis.

When going on a tour of Famagusta, you will also want to visit Enkomi, a city dating from the Late Bronze Age. There are many interesting sights in the area.