Festivals – Austria

If your idea of a nice vacation is all about partaking into the fun and merriment of festivals, you should check out Austria. The country celebrates a handful of festivals all year round. You sure would find the kind of entertainment you might be looking for.

Location and How to Get There

Festivals in Austria are celebrated in many different parts of the country. So your best bet is to get to Austria first before learning your way to your specific destination, which is the place where your target festival is held.

It is paramount that you do research beforehand so you will know your way around. That will also hand you important information as when to go and what to do and what to see there. If you want a convenient travel, you may hire the service of a travel agent to arrange everything for you – from transportation to eating meals to getting an entryway to the festival you would like to take part into.

What to See There

Austrian culture is quite biased to music and the arts. Many festivals involving music and movies are held throughout the year. It is one of the best places to experience a musical heritage like other. Jazz, classical music, and opera can be availed of at very affordable prices, especially during festivals.

Aside from music, cinematic festivals are also common. Austria has a unique cinematic culture that you would love to discover.

There are many other festivals that are quite interesting to see and participate into. There’s the Austrian Beerfest and the European Body Painting Festival to name a few.


The tradition of festivals in Austria has been around since time immemorial. The diverse cultural offerings gave birth to no less than 200 festivals spread throughout the year and through the many different parts of the country. There are small-scale and large-scale festivals, music and cinematic festivals, and wine festivals among others. What’s even more interesting is that an astounding culinary menu accompanies every cultural experience via a festival. It is not only your eyes and your mind that are being satisfied but also your stomach.


The amount required to spend for experiencing a festival is different with every festival you are signing up for. What is important is that you allow enough budget for your accommodation, your entrance fees, your transportation, and your meals.

Other Info

Austria has a very interesting cultural heritage. That is combined with the country’s most amazing sights, the most wonderful surroundings, to make interesting festivals.