Fiordland National Park in South Island – New Zealand

The tourist attractions at Fiordland National Park make it one of the most beautiful destinations you can visit in New Zealand. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


Together with Mount Aspiring National Park, the park spans the southwest portion of South Island. You can reach the site via State Highway 94. The entry point is Te Anau from Invercargill or Queenstown. Flights from Te Anau and Queenstown Glenorchy are also available.

What to See

Some of the most popular destinations are the Te Ana-au cave, Lake Te Anau and the Hollyford Valley. The Homer Tunnel and Lake Manapouri are equally popular. A tour of the Wilmot Pass to Deep Cove is also not to be missed.

One of the major tourist attractions at Fiordland National Park is simply walking through the wilderness here. Guided walks for the Milford Track, Kepler Track, Hump Ridge Track and Hollyford Track are available.

Visitors to the park can also take the Routeburn and hop over to the nearby Mount Aspiring National Park. For more challenging hikes, try the Dusky track. You can also explore the park fjords and coastline by boat. Overnight cruises are now widely available. This is one of the most exciting ways to savor the sights around the area.


The area covered by the park has been barely explored. In spite of the 500 km of walking tracks, a lot more has yet to be uncovered. Since its establishment, the site has been managed by the Department of Conservation. The objective is to minimize commercial development so the environment is protected.

There are many restrictions with commercial activity. The restrictions are not as severe with individual visitors though. Te Anau is the main visitor center. You will also find several park rangers at the visitor centers. Those who are staying for long periods will have to inform the park rangers of their activities.


There are no fees required to enter the park.

Other Info

Fishing is another popular activity here. Before you do so, make sure to get a permit and follow all the regulations. There are also several areas that have been designed as camping grounds. Visitors to the park should note that the weather can change suddenly in the space of a few hours.

If you are into tramping, there are huts available. Hiking is one of the major tourist attractions at Fiordland National Park, so make sure to book the campsite in advance.