Flower Forest in Scotland District – Barbados

Flower Forest in Scotland District is one of the most vibrant natural attractions in Barbados. Its diverse features consistently draw in the tourists.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

The forest is situated in Scotland District on the island’s east coast. It is at Highway 2. You will find it at the St. George neighborhood at Welchman Hall. The eastern coast of the island is most easily reached by bus or car. There are car rental services available on the island.

What to See There

First time visitors to the forest will see that it is teeming with plant life. The vastness of the scenery is matched only by the diversity of the plant life. The Flower Forest in Scotland District is also renowned for the wildlife.

Green monkeys can be seen in the area. You will also hear the singing of the birds. Except for the sounds of nature, the place is quiet. This makes the place a haven for nature lovers. A snack bar is also available.


The forest was established to protect plants, flowers and wildlife in the area. Primarily a sanctuary, the forest would go on to become a popular tourist destination. Today there are over 100 different types of flora in the place.

Through the years, more features have been added as well. There is a 1 km long path you can walk on. Benches have been added so visitors can relax anytime they want.


The entrance fee is 7 USD per person. You may drive through the place or use one of the taxis close to the entrance.

Shuttle buses and taxis proliferate at the airport. They go to and from Bridgetown and all over the island. The fare is $2 each way per individual. Private moorings are available. Dropping anchors on coral reefs will result in penalties though.

Other Info

The forest is also famous for its sweeping vistas of the east coast. From the site you can see the island in all its beauty. The island encompasses 50 acres, so there are lots of places to explore.

The gazebo is a favorite among many visitors. It is also used for weddings. There is also an open meadow close to the gazebo. From that spot you can watch the sun go down or rise.

The Flower Forest in Scotland District is open from Monday to Sunday. Opening time is 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. .