Fonte de Areia in Madeira – Portugal

Madeira is an archipelago in Portugal that consists of t2 inhabited islands: Madeira and Porto Santo. Volcanic caves, botanical gardens and beaches are among the tourist spots within the archipelago.

However, there is also a unique tourist attraction in the archipelago known as Fonte de Areia in Madeira – Portugal.


Fonte de Areia in Madeira – Portugal is located in the island of Porto Santo which is situated at the easternmost tip of the Madeira archipelago.

Getting There

Flying in is via the Madeira International Airport. From Madeira, you can take a local flight going to Porto Santo. There are also boat rides available from Madeira which can take you to Porto Santo.

You can also fly in from Lisbon or Porto which will take about an hour and thirty minutes.

To get to Fonte de Areia in Madeira – Portugal, you can rent a car hire service; take a taxi or a bus. The roads are in good condition in the island so traveling by road will be relatively comfortable.

What to See and Do

Fonte de Areia in Madeira – Portugal, otherwise known as “Sand Fountain” surrounds a natural spring. You can see here the sandstone formation that surrounds the spring.

There’s not much else to do around this attraction except perhaps stay along the shores and enjoy the scenery.

There are however, plenty of other things to do in Porto Santo. There are beaches here that you can go to where you can go swimming and sunbathing; play on the sand or simply relax by the shores while reading a good book.

If you love to play golf, there are 2 golf courses in the island that you can visit.

A highly interesting museum is likewise a popular attraction here: the Christopher Columbus Museum. This museum used be the residence of Christopher Columbus.

There are exhibits on the life of Columbus in the island plus his various explorations around Portugal.

Brief History

Fonte de Areia in Madeira – Portugal is within a rocky islet that covers an area of about three hectares, with its highest point measuring seventy-nine meters.

The natural spring which the sandstone formation surrounds was once considered as sacred by the locals. It is believed that the natural spring has therapeutic effects on the body and one legend even has it that whoever drinks the water from the spring will enjoy eternal youth.


There are no fees collected to visit Fonte de Areia in Madeira – Portugal. Mid-range accommodations around Madeira cost about € 50 for a Double Room, per night.

Other Information

Porto Santo offers some of the best wines in the archipelago. Grapes drying on the sands are a common sight in the island.