Gambia River – Gambia

The tourist attractions at the Gambia River have turned it into one of the major destinations in the African continent. Even those who have been there are often enticed to come back.


This is one of the most important rivers in West Africa. It stretches for 700 miles (1,130 km). It begins at the plateau of Fouta Djallon at the north of Guinea. It proceeds west to the Gambia and Senegal. From there it goes on to Banjul city at the Atlantic Ocean.

What to See

The biggest attraction here is the Gambia, which is the tiniest nation on the African continent. It is here that many of the boat tours are held. The wildlife around are diverse. You will see some hippos, dolphins and crocodiles.

Some of the biggest tourist attractions at the Gambia River are the birds. You can see several of these at the creeks around dusk. Close to the mouth of the river is James Island. Situated near Juffure, it was a former site for the slave trade. It is now recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


In 1978, Gambia and Senegal agreed to promote and develop the natural resources of the river. At the same time both countries wanted to improve pastoral and agro-forestry output. This would lead to the improvement of infrastructures around the area.

Two zones make up the ecology of the river: freshwater and estuarine. The two influence the peripheral vegetation pattern. The mangroves are all around the low estuary. The mangroves are by the riverside too. Between the freshwater and estuarine are reed belts. The freshwater banks are filled with gallery forests.


The cost of the tour depends on the length and the places you will visit. A 7 night trip will cost around 500 Pounds while a 2 week trip will cost 800 Pounds or so. These rates wil include transportation to the site, food and guide.

Other Info

Another popular destination is Tendaba. There is also the Wassau with its standing stones. Other places of interest near the river are Basse Santa Su and Georgetown. Basse Santa Su is known for its historical homes. On some of these tours, you may also get to go on sunset cruises.

Another one of the tourist attractions at the Gambia River is the fishing expeditions. Over at Tendaba are some camps. You can also cruise from Bara to Banjul and go canoing at James Island.