Garden Route in Western Cape Province – South Africa

A tour of the Garden Route is one of the most popular activities for people visiting South Africa. It is one of the most scenic stretches in the country with several noteworthy attractions.


The route stretches along the South African southeastern coast. It goes from Heidelberg at the Western Cape up to Storms River. The middle portion is composed of the Indian Ocean coastline. The semi-desert region of Little Karoo is at the north. It can be reached from Cape Town, Kimberley and Hohannesburg.

What to See

A tour of the Garden Route will take you along Knysna, one of the best known tourist spots in the nation. Mossel Bay is the place where the country’s first post office was set up. There is also the picturesque Nature’s Valley with its lush landscape.

Other cities and locations you will pass by are Storms River, the Tsitsikamma National Park gate and the town of George. You will also come across Sedgefield, Platbos and other sites. Other popular destinations are Port Elizabeth and Jeffreys Bay. The latter is known for the surfing grounds.


The route got the name owing to the ecologically diverse vegetation around the site. This is mainly due to the numerous lagoons and lakes around the area. Due to its location, the weather is ideal throughout the year. The winters are mild to cool, while in the summer it is mild to warm.

Overall the climate is oceanic in nature. The temperature rarely goes over 28 C and never drops below 10 C. Rains can falls anytime, but the spring months are typically the peak. The rain is brought about by the Indian Ocean humid sea winds going up. These precipitate by the Tsitsikamma and Outeniqua Mountains.


There are no fees for going this route. You only have to pay for the transportation or car if you are renting one.

Other Info

Once you are at Tsitsikamma National Park, try hiking at the Otter trail; the views are splendid. If you love surfing, there is Plettenberg Bay or Vic Bay. You can also try the Outeniqua Choo-tjoe Train, the last steam train in the country. The journey starts at George and goes to Mossel Bay.

As you go on a tour of the Garden Route, you can drop by the many restaurants and eateries nearby. There is the hot chocolate cafe between Knysna and Plettenbergbay and La Carla. This is between Knysna and Plett.