Gardens of Babur in Kabul – Afghanistan

The Gardens of Babur was among the most beautiful attractions in Kabul. Today, the Garden is being reconstructed, and is once again becoming a top tourist destination in the country.


The Garden is in Kabul. It is one of the best known sights in Afghanistan, so you will have no problem getting to the site.

What to See

According to historians, the Garden used to be one of the most picturesque in the area. There used to be a mosque at the 13th terrace. Majority of the design info comes from a sketch by Charles Masson.

It reveals how ornately designed the Gardens of Babur was. It had relief decoration and jali-work. Although the place is in ruins, there are now attempts to rebuild it. The trees around the site can still be seen however.

Aside from the ruins, there is partially-piped irrigation in the area. Scores of trees have been planted, which have helped make the site more visually enticing. Some of the trees you will see there are wild cherry, hawthorn, cypresses and planes. Research has also been done to determine the link between the paths, stairs and paths.


The Gardens were formerly a retreat in close proximity to the city walls. It was set down by Moghul Emperor Babur sometime in the 16th century. Some time later, Amir Abdul Rehman added some new features.

A mosque was later added by Emperor Shah Jehan. Babur died in 1530. Before he died, he let it be known that he wanted to buried in the site. When he died, his wife Bibi Mobarka granted his wish.

As the years passed by, the site fell into ruins. However, the effort to rebuild the place has continued. Much of the work is being done by the AKDN (Aga Khan Development Network). While there is still work to be done, the place has already become a tourist attraction. Nearly 300,000 people visited the place in 2008.


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Other Info

Aside from the ruins, the walking path is still intact. The view around the area is splendid, as is the whole complex when viewed afar.

Reconstruction of the Gardens of Babur is still ongoing. A survey has been performed. In 2002 and 2004, the damaged walls of the site have been carefully rebuilt.