Geneva Jet D’eau in Geneva – Switzerland

Geneva serves as an important center for international diplomatic relations having been the home of the United Stations, the International Committee of the Red Cross and is currently home to the World Health Organization.

It has a good number of tourist sights and landmarks that make it unique and one such landmark is the Geneva Jet d’Eau in Geneva – Switzerland.


Geneva Jet d’Eau in Geneva – Switzerland is located at the point where Lake Geneva converges with the Rhone River. It is along Quai du General-Guisan.

Getting There

Flying in to Geneva is via the airport located right in the city. This is well-served by several international flights.

From the airport, you can take a train going to the city center as well as other suburban areas around the city.

From the city center, you have several options to get to Geneva Jet d’Eau in Geneva – Switzerland. Yu can take a bus, train or tram ride.

What to See

The most interesting part about viewing the Geneva Jet d’Eau in Geneva – Switzerland is that it shoots up water up to a height of about one hundred and forty meters; equivalent to roughly four hundred and fifty-nine feet high.

Being one of the largest fountains all across the globe, this can be easily seen from up in the sky even at an altitude of thirty-three thousand feet.

You can walk along the shoreline of the lake to get spectacular views of the fountain from various angles.

However, to get a truly good look at the fountain at an even closer angle; you can ride in one of the boats that offer a tour around the lake. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly get sprayed with water so be prepared to get a little wet.

Brief History

The Geneva Jet d’Eau in Geneva – Switzerland was originally set-up in the year 1886 at a location that is just a few kilometers from where it stands now. It was installed mainly to be used as a safety valve for a network of hydraulic power.

Initially, the water could reach up to about ninety-eight feet high. Several years later, the aesthetic appeal of the fountain was acknowledged by the local government and this initiated the move to have it installed in its present location in celebration of the Federal Gymnastics Festival.

It was also to commemorate the anniversary of the Swiss Confederation which, at the time was celebrating its 600th year.

The fountain that we see today was installed in the year 1951 and water from the lake was utilized instead of city water to provide water for the fountain.


There is no cost to visit Geneva Jet d’Eau in Geneva – Switzerland. Train and bus tickets from the airport cost about CHF 3 and are valid for 1 hour only.

Budget meals cost about CHF 12 up to CHF 30 while accommodations are generally around CHF 25 up to CHF 600 per room, per night depending on your choice of hotel.

Other Information

If you are staying at a hotel, inn or hostel; they can give you a free transport ticket to any part of Geneva. The ticket is valid for the duration of your stay in your hotel.