Ghent Architecture – Belgium

Belgium is a beautiful country. Among its many must-travel places, Ghent stands out for its beautiful and world-class architecture. This is something you really have to see.

Location and How to Get There

The best way to experience Ghent Architecture is to book for a trip to the city, which is located in the northern part of Belgium, in Flanders. Its position alone is a nice crossover between the bustling city life and the peaceful provincial atmosphere.

To get to Ghent, you have an option to travel by train or by a private car. From Brussels, it is only about a 30-minute train ride to the city. By car, allow for some 40-minute road travel. If you drive during rush hour, be ready for that travel time to double.

Getting around to see Ghent Architecture will require you to either travel on foot or by a bicycle. Handsome structures can be found everywhere in the city center and they are in close proximity to each other. You will best appreciate the city buildings if you travel either way.

What to See There

Ghent Architecture is a mix of elegance and class. The historical beauty of almost every building that you will find standing downtown will keep you awe-struck for a long time. Some of the must-visit structures include:

* Castle of the Counts – This well-equipped count can easily turn into a torture chamber inside. Count Philip of Alsace built it in 1180. Today, it houses a museum that has a rich display of relics of the chamber.

* St. Nicholas’s Church – This spectacular 13th-15th century church is inspired by the Schelde Gothic architecture, which is a mixture of surviving elements of Flemish architectural style. Its tower is one of the “three towers of Ghent” and is the first one that graces the city skyline.

* St. Bravo’s Cathedral – Although the exterior is not that impressive, you should not underestimate the beauty of this structure. Inside, you will find priceless art treasures that will make you go wow.


Ghent Architecture is centuries old. That amount of history stuffed into every beautiful building in the city is enough to keep you inspired about roaming around.


Some of the buildings do not require an entrance fee. The others that do, require only a minimum amount that is sure worth it because of the beauty within the handsome façade.

Other Info

Aside from sightseeing, which will introduce you to the delightful Ghent Architecture, there are lots of activities you can enjoy while touring the city. One of them is getting on in a cruise.