Ghent Cultural Events – Belgium

Ghent is the capital city as well as the largest city of the Province of East Flanders. Every year, there are numerous Ghent cultural events – Belgium Ghent that take place. These attract thousands of spectators and participants from all over the world.


Ghent is within the Flemish Region of the country of Belgium, a region that is at the northern tip of the country.

Getting There

You can reach Ghent via train or car. There are trains from Brussels, Antwerp, Paris and Lille that go directly to Ghent.

You can also reach Ghent via your own car service. There are two main thoroughfares that connect you to Ghent: E40 takes on the route of Liege – Brussels – Ghent –Bruges – Ostend while E17 take on the route of Antwerp – Ghent – Kortrijk – Lille.

If you will be coming from Brussels or Antwerp, the trip will take about forty minutes; from Bruges, it is approximately a half-hour drive.

What to See and Do

Ghent Cultural Events – Belgium are some of the most popular ones in the country, welcoming thousands upon thousands of spectators year-round.

One of these Ghent Cultural Events – Belgium is known as the Gentse Feesten, a festival that celebrates music and theater arts. During this festival, there are various music shows of different genres such as jazz, rock and pop.

There are likewise entertaining street performances by mimes and various buskers; among others.

The festival starts on the Saturday prior to the 21st of July which is the country’s national holiday, and extends up to 10 days.

There is also the Festival of Flanders, which is a music festival held in different parts of Flanders, including Ghent as it is within East Flanders. This festival lasts for months, between January and May.

Another popular festival is the I Love Techno international techno fest. National and international disk jockeys show – off their skills during this event.

Other cultural events include Flanders International Film Festival Ghent and the Gent Festival van Vlaanderen.

Brief History – About Ghent

Ghent used to be known as Gaunt in the English language. The city actually began as a small settlement at the point where the River Scheldt and River Lys converge.

Archeological finds reveal that the early settlements here date as far back as the Stone Age as well as the Iron Age.

Since this settlement is located at the confluence of the two rivers mentioned above, historians believe that the city’s name was derived from an old Celtic word “ganda” which translates to “confluence.”

By the time the Middle Ages arrived, Ghent has flourished and progressed quite remarkably from its humble beginnings and by this time, the city was already considered as among the biggest and most affluent cities within North Europe.


Watching the Ghent Cultural Events – Belgium is generally free. What you may have to spend on are the food, drinks, and other items being sold at the festival booths – depending on which one you go to.

Accommodations around Ghent for first-class hotels are about 65 Euros per night up to 200 Euros per night.

Other Information

If you need to use the internet, there are several internet shops located around the city. These generally cost about 1.50 up to 30 Euros per hour.