Glacial Trek – Iceland

Iceland offers a variety of interesting and unique adventures. One of them is the Glacial Trek, which offers a magnificent arctic adventure out in the country’s fabulous nature.

Location and How to Get There

The Glacial Trek is popularly done in Virkisjokull, which departs from the Skaftafell National Park. The park is about 330 kilometers away from downtown Reykjavik. You will have to endure more than two hours of road trip before you can get your hand on the most exciting undertaking of a lifetime.

If you are taking a tour package for your Glacial Trek, your transfer would be facilitated by your agency. If not, don’t worry. Iceland’s modern infrastructure makes everything seem so near although they are quite far.

What to See There

A Glacial Trek offers an eco-tourism adventure like no other. Aside from the common sights you will find with a regular mountain trek, there is the challenge of going all the way up the icy slopes.

You will also be mesmerized with the sight that’s waiting you atop the mountainous regions. It is not only lush greenery covered with glaciers. There are also some species of animals that you could meet along the way.

Through the tour, you will also be able to understand how the glaciers are formed and how they continuously reshape over time.

True enough, a Glacial Trek is an adventure that you should not miss in a lifetime. It offers such a unique experience that is truly for the books.


Iceland is in the northern part of Europe where the weather is icy for the most part of the year. Since tourism is proving to be a good source of the nation’s income, travel agencies made it possible for tourists to be able to hike through icy slopes that are easily accessible. By facilitating a trip to the glaciers, they were able to develop a unique offering that draws a lot of tourists.


A Glacial Trek involves a good sum of travel money. If you choose to avail of a complete tour package, be prepared to spend a few hundreds of dollars. That includes transfer from the country’s capital of Reykjavik to the park, then from the park, you will be picked up by an Icelandic guide who will join you in discovering the amazement that is the Icelandic nature.

Other Info

It is not only in Virkisjokull that you can book a Glacial Trek. There are many other spots where you can do the hike. Each spot offers its own allure, its own set of attractions that you will love. One follows a trail towards a hot spring in the Central Valley. Another takes you a challenging walk towards the old Viking village. Another gives you an opportunity to visit the cozy mountains of East Iceland, which is not too often visited.