Goma – Congo

Goma is a certified tourist central. It is a city that lies to the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo next to the city of Gisenyi (Rwanda). It is the capital city of North Kivu and definitely one of the safest places in the country.

Location and How to Get There

From Goma, many Congo towns are very accessible. It is a major transport hub so you would not need to worry about getting there, getting around, and getting out.

Goma is accessible from different Congo towns via plane, by boat, and by bus. If you are traveling from Rwanda, via the city Gisenyi, you can reach Goma by foot. The two cities are separated by only about 30 minutes of walking distance.

Goma is a nice entry point if you want to see the best of Congo. From there, it is quite easy to climb and see the mountain gorillas as well as the Nyiragongo Volcano. It is a good entry point to other Congo towns such as Kinshasa, Kisangani, and Bukavu.

What to See

Since Goma has endured many disasters both natural and war-based, the city is constantly under construction. It was badly damaged especially by the recent outpouring of lava from the Nyiragongo Volcano. But still, it is worth a visit.

For one, Goma is one is one of the best base climbs to see the mountain gorillas. Some other Congo attractions like Lake Kivu, Nyiragongo Volcano, The Green lake, Minova Village and Virunga National Park are also quite accessible.

You will also enjoy shopping for local produce in this city. Congolese crafts, traditional jewelry, and many other items are available at a bargain price.

There are also many interesting food hubs spread around the city. There’s VIP Restaurant, which specializes in grilled food; Salt & Pepper Restaurant, which serves a variety of Bengali, Chinese, African, and Indian dishes; Albacha Restaurant, which offers Mediterranean cuisine; and Le Chalet, a sparkling new eating joint that offers a delectable view by the lake.


Traveling to Goma is not as expensive as in European or American cities, definitely. Food are reasonably priced, about $3-$15 per serving. Accommodations are very affordable, ranging between $5-$110 a night. Budget tours are widely available. There’s a Hakuna Matata 2-day tour, which only costs about $320. A climb to Nyiragongo Volcano to see the famous lava lake costs about $200.

If you want to splurge for comfort, you have every right and every opportunity to do so.