Gorongosa National Park in Sofala – Mozambique

Gorongosa National Park in Sofala – Mozambique is a protected area in the country where various wild animals, birds and different plant species can be seen.


Gorongosa National Park is located in the city of Beira within the Sofala Province in Central Mozambique.

Getting There

You can fly in via the airport in Beira. From Beira, you can take a bus going to Chimoi or Inchope. Once you get here, you will need to take another bus to going to Vila Gorongosa.

From Vila Gorongosa, you will once again need to transfer to another vehicle to reach Chitengo which is your main entry point to the park.

For your Chitengo transportation, the park can provide you with the transfer. You will have to call on ahead however to let them know that you need their transfer services.

It is recommended that you contact the park when you are still in Inchope to give them a heads-up.

What to See and Do

Hiking and safari game drive are two activities that you can do while visiting Gorongosa National Park in Sofala – Mozambique.

There are hiking trails around the Mount Gorongosa Waterfall area and there are specific routes laid out for a safari game drive around the national park.

During your game drive, you may come across a few wild animals inhabiting the area covered by the national park. These animals include leopards, lions, elephants, zebras, sables, warthogs, bush pigs, baboons, monkeys, civet cats, buffalos, waterbuck and serval cats.

There are also numerous birds living in the park – some four hundred species of them in all. One interesting and highly important bird is the green-headed oriole. This bird can only be found in Southern Africa, specifically on Mt. Gorongosa.

About Gorongosa National Park

The Gorongosa National Park in Sofala – Mozambique covers an area of approximately four thousand square kilometers. The park was, for a time, considered as one of the best in Africa especially since it had the highest concentration of various African wild animals.

But the number soon dwindled no thanks to the long-standing civil conflict that enveloped the country from the end of the 20th century.

To restore the park to its former glory, a not-for-profit organization teamed up with the Mozambique government to undertake this huge project.


Entry fees to Gorongosa National Park in Sofala – Mozambique are at US$15 per person. Accommodations around the park are in the form of cabanas, rooms and tents.

Cabanas are around US$96 per person, per night; rooms start at US$39 per person, per night and tents are around US$48 for a single tent per night.

Rates are inclusive of free breakfast.

Other Information

Rates in dollars may change base on the current exchange rate. You can pay in dollars and then get Mozambican currency for your change.