Gota Canal – Sweden

The route of the Gota Canal – Sweden stretches from the Baltic Sea all the way to Lake Vanern. This canal was constructed in the nineteenth century and was then the main waterway of the country. It covers a total distance of about 382 miles or some 614 kilometers. It served as a main vein linking various lakes and rivers using the Gota alv River as the main route.

Quick Facts

It should be noted however, that the canal itself is only 190 kilometers long or about 118 miles. The width varies if one travels through the manmade waterway from seven to 14 meters or 23 to 46 feet. The canal’s maximum depth is around nine feet or three meters. The Gota Canal – Sweden is designed to accommodate vessels that are 32 meters long and seven meters wide.

This Swedish canal has a total of 58 locks. It is because of these said locks that the canal is sometimes called the “divorce ditch.” People say that the locks represent the troubles that couples have to navigate through and completely endure, which at times may lead to divorce.

A Well Recognized Tourist Attraction

Although it is a fact that this canal is no longer the biggest waterway in Sweden, it is now however, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. It was named as the millennial construction accomplishment of the country just recently. Because of this award, the monumental task of some 58,000 laborers and soldiers digging and blowing up paths for the waterway from 1810 to 1832 has been well recognized.

Sights Along the Canal

Throughout the 190 kilometer stretch of the Gota Canal – Sweden, visitors are treated to some of the most scenic views of southern Sweden’s countryside. The lush scenery along the waterway is beautifully matched with scenic charming country-style villages along the many rivers and other bodies of water. It truly provides an idyllic tour of the country’s natural beauty. The place is so popular that many tourists even take their own vessels through the canal for a quiet laidback cruise.

Other than taking a boat and cruise through the waters, other tourists visit the canal for other outdoor activities. Some folks find pleasure in bicycle riding along the waterway. On the other hand, some folks would rather opt for canoeing so that they can have a close encounter with the waters and the wildlife thriving along the canal.

Cruising Costs

Those who plan to take a cruise through the Gota Canal – Sweden will have to shoulder the cost that can range from $300 to $2,500 depending on how many days you want to cruise through the waterway. Interested parties may contact any of the travel companies in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Motala, and Soderkiping to book one of these cruises.