Gran Hotel Del Paraguay in Asuncion – Paraguay

The Gran Hotel del Paraguay is one of the most popular destinations in the country. It is one of the nation’s oldest hotels, it has been renovated to meet modern requirements.


The hotel is located in Calle de la Residenta 902, at Padre Puchen, Asuncion. You can take a bus or taxi on one of the main avenues. It will take you into the city center.

What to See

Lovely tropical gardens and verandas surround the place. Different flowers and statues adorn the garden too. Inside you will see 19th century furniture. Priceless paintings from different eras are also present. The bar is also a good place to enjoy some cocktail.

The balconies offer excellent views of the city. This view offers a nice contrast to the 19th century feel of the whole place. The hotel offers a sitting room where guests can relax. The bathrooms have all the modern facilities needed.

Some of the showers are big enough for four people. The hallways are also wide. The main dining room is decorated with paintings. The ceilings are also ornately decorated.


The mansion is best known for being the old residence of Madame Elisa Lynch. Lynch was the mistress of Paraguayan dictator Francisco Solano Lopez. In 1873, the place was converted into turned into a hotel courtesy of Dr. Andreuzzi.

Over the years, the Gran Hotel del Paraguay would become a tourist attraction itself. A summer theater and a skate floor were also installed. The hotel was then known as Cancha Sociedad. The hotel would later be renamed.


The price depends on which room you stay in and for how long. On the average, the rooms cost 73 USD a night. Some suites however, can cost over 120 USD.

Other Info

The hotel has been remodeled several times. But its overall appearance and theme has not been changed. There is a pool installed. The grounds are also well intended.

The enclosed gardens are beautiful and worthy of a visit. Orchid lovers will particularly relish the collection there. Many of the rooms also have a veranda where you can view the courtyard.

The hotel of course has its own food. But there are many restaurants nearby. One of them is El Bar San Miguel. You can also go to several shops as they are nearby.

The Gran Hotel del Paraguay, just like other hotels, can change their room rates at any time. Special rates are often introduced during the holidays.