Grand Anse Bay in Saint Georges – Grenada

Grand Anse Bay in Saint Georges – Grenada offers what is considered as the best beach in the country. It is a top beach holiday getaway for travelers coming in from all different parts of the globe.


The Grand Anse Bay in Saint Georges – Grenada is located in the southern section of the city. The bay is bordered by the Mourne Rouge Bay on its south side.

Getting There

There are several ways to reach Grand Anse Bay in Saint Georges – Grenada. If you will be coming from the port at St. George’s, there are water taxis available that can take you to the beach area.

If you will be coming from the city center, you can find a bus at the Bus Depot that travels to the beach area.

What to See and Do

The beach area around Grand Anse Bay in Saint Georges – Grenada offers tourists excellent opportunities for swimming, snorkeling and playing beach volleyball.

Many tourists however, prefer to lounge by the beach, drinking cool beer and chatting with friends and even a few friendly locals.

The service around the beach truly makes for a relaxing stay at the beach. Locals will usually approach tourists offering a wide assortment of items, particularly buckets of ice-cold beer.

Locals also offer massages right by the beach. Massage tables are provided by the locals offering to do the massages and you can get a massage on a per-minute or hourly basis.

There are dive shops around the beach area where you can rent out diving and snorkeling equipment plus plenty of lounge chair and umbrella rentals for that relaxing lounge by the beach.

About Grand Anse Beach

This most famous beach in Grenada is covered in two miles of white sands, a feature that attracts tourists to this area year-round. The beach is within a sheltered bay and has been used as a backdrop for a good number of advertising campaigns of various companies worldwide.

The waters are relatively calm and clear making it ideal for swimming even for kids.


Water taxis from the port going to Grand Anse Bay in Saint Georges – Grenada generally cost about $4 while a private water taxi costs about $6 to $8. Buses from the city center going to the beach area cost about $2 per person.

There are several beach hotels that you can find for your accommodations. Standard rooms cost about $85 for rooms on the lower floor and $91 for rooms on the upper floors.

Suites range from $160 to $190; while apartment hotels cost about $94 to $103.

Beach massages are offered for about a dollar a minute or $50 for one full hour. You can also rent out lounge chairs for as low as $5 per chair, per day.

Other Information

The quieter parts of the beach are further down, going away from the market area. These provide a more peaceful say by the beach as there are not many peddlers and tourists around.