Grand Canyon in Arizona – United States

The Grand Canyon in Arizona is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the greatest tourist attractions in America. Although you may have seen it in pictures, there is nothing like seeing the landscape in person.


The Canyon can be found in northern Arizona. If going to the South Rim, go to US Route 180 (US 180) northwest heading to Valle. Keep driving until you get to the South Rim. If taking the east entrance, head to US 89 at Page, AZ.

If going to the North Rim, ALT US 89 to AZ 67 is the route to take. Yo can also get there by commercial plane at Las Vegas McCarran International Airport. There is also the Grand Canyon Railway service.

What to See

At the South Rim is the Canyon Village from where you can see the Bright Angel Trail. There is also a view of the desert and the famous Watchtower. Another popular sight is the Havasupai Indian Reservation.

One of the most popular activities here of course, is hiking. There are many trails here ranging from the simple ones that take less than half an hour to those that can last for weeks. The Bright Angel Trail is the most popular trail in the Grand Canyon in Arizona.


The park where the Canyon is found was established in 1908. By 1919 it was declared a national park. It encompasses about 500,000 ha. The place receives over 4 million visitors yearly. The Canyon is separated between the accessible South Rim and the North Rim, which is more remote. The South Rim is more popular due to the accessibility.


There is a 25 USD entrance fee for every private vehicle that goes into the Canyon. This is good for seven days. If you are coming on a bike or on foot, the admission fee is 12 USD. Alternatively, you can get the 80 USD Annual Pass which is valid for a year. US citizens over 62 years old can avail of the 10 USD Senior Pass.

Other Info

The Ranger programs provides rim walks and trips to museums nearby. There are also mule rides and motor coach tours available. One of the most popular activities here is stargazing, as the Canyon is known for its meteor showers.

You can also go flight seeing at the Grand Canyon in Arizona. There are private charters and helicopters available, so you can see the Canyon from the air.