Grand Etang Natural Park – Grenada

Grand Etang Natural Park – Grenada provides the best hiking trails in this island nation. Surrounded by tropical forests, the park offers a wide variety of flora and fauna some of which are endemic to Grenada.


Grand Etang Natural Park – Grenada is located in the main island of the country, approximately eight miles off the capital city of St. George’s.

Getting There

Getting around Grenada is relatively easy as there is an excellent public transportation system in the island nation. There are public buses and minivans that you can easily take to reach the gates of the Grand Etang Natural Park – Grenada.

Buses right from the main island of Grenada run regularly from 7 in the morning up to 7 in the evening and these travel to and from the major cities of the nation. From Grenada, take bus #6 or you can also ask the locals which buses have routes going to the park.

The buses stop right at the Visitor Center for the park.

What to See and Do

Visitors to Grand Etang Natural Park – Grenada always look forward to hiking and trekking down its many trails. There are at least five different hiking trails within the park, each one giving you great views of the surrounding forest as well as a number of wild animals living within the park.

The first trail is the Morne Labaye Trail. The hike kicks-off right from the Visitor Center and is only a short trail; ideal for warming up for the longer trails ahead.

If you wish to walk along the shores of the Grand Etang Lake, you can take the Shoreline Trail. While the trail will have you crossing streams and walking through muddy areas, the sights that you will see are nothing short of breathtaking.

Wild orchids abound plus monkeys and White Cattle Egrets will make the trek all worth it.

There is also the Mt. Qua Qua Trail which also kicks-off from the Visitor Center. This is a much more challenging trail which will take about 2.5 hours to complete. There are however, clearings along the trails where you can stop for brief rests.

There are also the St. Margaret’s Trail and the Concord Fall Trails which will have you walking through the rain forest, swimming by the water falls and simply enjoying your natural surroundings as you rest by the shores of the falls.

Brief History

Grand Etang Natural Park – Grenada takes its name from the Grand Etang Lake, a crater lake formed from a formerly active volcano. The park stands at an elevation of over two thousand feet above sea level, surrounded by marvelous mountain peaks covered in mists and clouds.

The park and forest reserve is supported by major organizations from different countries such as the British Development Division, The United Nations Development Program, the United States Agency for International Development as well as Grenada’s own government.

The forests within the park experience an annual rainfall of about one hundred and sixty inches making much of the forest grounds muddy.


Entry cost to visit the Grand Etang Natural Park – Grenada is about two US dollars per person. Bus rides from Grenada to the park are roughly about two US dollars per person, one way.

Other Information

The Visitor Center has brochures that you can take with you to give you a bit of information about the trails that you will be taking. Guides may also be requested right at the Visitor Center.