Great Copper Mountain in Falun – Sweden

The Great Copper Mountain is one of the main tourist destinations at Falun, Sweden. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the complex is a testament to the country’s industrial and cultural legacy.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

There are many buses you can ride to get to town. The main bus network is at Dalatrafik. The best place to look for a taxi is near railway stations. You can also call one, but it can be expensive.

What to See There

From the surface, visitors will be able to see the Great Pit. It has a diameter of 400 m and a depth of 95 m. The pit was created due to a collapse that took place in 1687. The journey will take you 65 m below the ground.

Not far from the Great Copper Mountain is a mining museum. Various relics and mining tools are on display. The tools used in the mine to produce minerals are on display there. There are also models of the different machinery. Portraits of important figures related to mining are displayed as well.


The mine used to be a vital copper source for over a thousand years. Based on archeological studies, mining began in the year 1000. There is no question the mine was running by the year 1080. However, no major activities were reported prior to 850. Archeological diggings have uncovered copper from the 10th century.

The earliest operations were done on a small scale. By the late 1200s, the scale of operations had begun to increase. Around the 14th century, operations grew to such an extent they became a vital
economic resource.

Mine operations reached their peak around the 17th century. By 1650, over a thousand tons of copper were being generated.


The bus ticket to Falun is 15 SEK for children and 20 SEK for adults. Infants do not have to pay. Entry tickets cost 100 SEK for adults. They are bought at the souvenir store nearby. Shoe protection is sold there for 5 SEK. The admission fee to the nearby museum is 20 SEK.

Other Info

Visitors can request for English translations during the trip. The raincoats and helmets are given prior to starting the tour. Avoid wearing your best clothes as they could get stained.

When you visit the Great Copper Mountain and the museum, you may want to check out the coin history exhibit too. On display are some of the biggest coins on the planet. ?