Great Ocean Road in Melbourne – Australia

A trip to the Great Ocean Road in Melbourne is the best way to enjoy the lavish coastal views Down Under.

How to Get There

Majority of these trips begin at Melbourne. This is about 84 km away off Torquay. If you want to fly in, Avalon Airport close to Geelong is the best option. It is nearer the road than any other airport. Rental cars are also nearby.

You can also get to the road via V/Line buses. These are in Geelong. These run three times a Monday to Friday. Saturdays and Sundays they run twice a day. The best option however, is a car. Couch tour services are also being offered.

What to See

There is plenty to see when on a trip to the Great Ocean Road. If you don’t have a tour guide or itinerary, just start driving at Warrnambool or Geelong. The route’s western end commences 22 km off Geelong. There are signposts indicating where the major attractions are. There are also plenty of accommodation, fuel and food.

Some of the attractions worth checking out are Split Point and the Angahook-Lorne State Park. The park is noted for its numerous trails. You may also want to check out Marriner’s Lookout in Apollo Bay, Otway National Park Gardenside Manor Tearooms, Lavers Hill and
Port Campbell National Park.

There are also several walkways. The Surf Coast Walk is 30 km off Jan Juc Beach. There is also the Great Ocean Walk off the coastline of Victoria. You can also camp out at the Parks Victoria. There is also the popular 12 Apostles Flight Adventures at Telford St.


Construction of the road was planned after World War I. The idea was for the road to link up the coastal settlements. It was also designed to bolster tourism and the timber industry. The road survey commenced in 1918. The actual building stared on 19 September 1919. The road was finished on November 1932.


There are several Melbourne day tours to choose from. A one day tour usually costs $105. The more comprehensive 3 day tour will set you back $405. Some tours cost only $95, but the travel will be more limited.

You can also go on a trip to the Great Ocean Road via a bus. 3 day bus tours between Adelaide and Melbourne cost about $395. These costs are not set in stone; the intense competition means the price can and do change.