Green Island – Kuwait

It is quite difficult to find an island haven in a country like Kuwait. But there is one, albeit being artificial, that you should not miss – the Green Island.

Location and How to Get There

The Green Island is the perfect getaway for local and foreign tourists who would like a soak in the sun, the sea, and the sand. It is conveniently located in Arabian Gulf Street in Kuwait City. It is easy to drive through this tourist spot as it is right at the heart of the city.

With Kuwait City’s efficient transport services, there is no possibility of losing your way. Much more if you are connected with a travel agency who makes arrangements for your transfers to-and-from the destinations in your itinerary.

What to See There

The Green Island is part of the constructed huge waterfront. It is off the seafront, spanning about 21 kilometers of fascinating coastline from the point of Al-Shiwaikh to the point of Ras Alard. It is linked to a land passageway that is about 134 meters long.

There are many interesting recreational facilities that can be found at Green island, making it the perfect family getaway. There is the artificial lake, the Roman Amphitheater, the Kid’s Castle, a tower that offers an overlooking view of the island, and an ascending spiral stairway among others.

The Roman Amphitheater serves as a place for concert performances and theatrical celebrations. It can accommodate 700 persons at a time. The Kid’s Castle offers a fun-filled activity for children with its many rooms, channels, corridors, and small waterfalls. The touristic tower is about 35 meters high. As such, it can give you the most panoramic view of the island from above sea level. The ascending spiral stairway is especially created for walking enthusiasts so they can have a wonderful time strolling through the magnificent structure.


The Green Island was inaugurated on February 22, 1988. It is the first artificial island in the gulf region. It was formed by extending the main land and surrounding it by the natural rocks imported from Al-Fujairah Emirate. The sides of the artificial island were fortified by concrete cubes and the sand lining up its beaches was also lifted from faraway land.


An entry fee is required to enter the island. However, it is but a small fee that is well worth it, considering that you will be treated to a fantastic oasis amid the hustle and bustle of the city. You must also be prepared with a budget if you want a taste at the restaurants lining up the circular peninsula.

Other Info

The Green Island is open everyday, from 8 o’ clock in the morning until 11 o’ clock in the evening.