Grimaldi Forum in Larvotto – Monaco

The Grimaldi Forum in Larvotto is a congress and conference center in Monaco. The site is famous for the opera and ballet performances that take place there.


The center is set along the seafront of Larvotto, the municipality’s eastern beach quarter.

What to See

The visitor will see that the center has a glass entrance. There are a couple of restaurants with a combined seating capacity of 1,000 (500 each). The auditorium has a seating capacity of 1,800. There is a stage measuring 10,925 sq ft. A 500 seat balcony is available. It is used for opera and ballet performances. Sometimes this is used for meetings too.

The Espace Diaghilev exhibition area has 42,734 sq ft surface area. The seating capacity is 3,000 persons for cocktails. The other exhibition areas are the Espace Ravel and the Le Guelfe Le Genois restaurant.

The Salles des Princes has a 1,800 seating capacity theater style. There is also space for wheelchairs. This auditorium has Dolby sound and back and front screen projection. The Salle Salle Prince Pierre has a 600 seat capacity.


The complex is named after the family name of Prince Albert II. The complex was first used for meetings on September 2000. The Grimaldi Forum in Larvotto was constructed on reclaimed land. To keep the cooling and heating steady, 500 cu m of water is pumped out hourly.
The process is such that sea life is not harmed.

The center is the site for the EVER Monaco exhibition every March. When the Salle Garnier was being renovated, operas were performed at the Salle des Princes at the Forum.


The cost of tickets will vary depending on the performance being held.

Other Info

The center has a couple of other auditoriums with capacities of 400 and 800 respectively. 23 breakout rooms for ten to four hundred are available. There are also a couple of exhibition halls with numerous stage configurations.

The bigger one measures 45,200 sq ft. There is a pillar free area measuring 26,911 sq ft. The ceiling is 23 ft. There is space for 200 trade show booths.

The other area is designed for galas and art exhibitions. This has a capacity for 155 booths. The two can be combined. The site has Internet access. There are also satellite services available.

Several notable performances have been conducted in the Grimaldi Forum in Larvotto. The Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Les Ballets de Monte Carlo hold shows there regularly.