Gunung Abang in Penelokan – Indonesia

Gunung Abang in Penelokan is one of the most impressive peaks in Indonesia. It is one of the major natural attractions in Bali and is known as the Red Mountain.


The peak is situated at the east side of Danau Batur. It is not far from Gunung Batur at the Bali highlands. To get to the trailhead, find Penelokan along Kintamani. From Kuta, the distance is about three hours.

What to See

The Red Mountain is quickly gaining popularity among mountaineers as climbing is not that difficult. Compared to Gunung Batur, the climb is quite different. The mountain itself is barren, but it has superb vistas of the landscape. Like Gunung Catur, the area around the Red Mountain is forested.

The journey begins 4 km to the south of Penelokan. Go to the right turn and head to Suter. As you keep going, you will see that it turns into a dirt track up to the rim of the crater. After a couple of kilometers, you will enter the forest. The Pura Munggu is there. The track will go down.

The trail will continue up to the hill. The Pura Puncak Tuluk Biyu and Pura Manu Kaya temples will be there. From there you will reach the summit. The hike should take five hours. More experienced hikers will probably finish it in less time.


The Red Mountain rises to a height of 2,151 m (over 7,000 feet). Of all the mountains in Bali, it is the third highest. The Gunung Abang in Penelokan used to be a part of Mount Batur.

During prehistoric times, the 4,000 meter volcano exploded. The eruption was so powerful only a cone and a caldera were left. That is how the present state of Batur was attained.


Transport fares depend on the route and the vehicle. Minibus tickets from Jakarta to Bandung cost Rp.48,000 to Rp.90,000. There is no admission fee to hike the mountain.

Other Info

Hiking is not that hard, but bring some extra clothes as it can get sweaty. Bring food and water (about 4 L per individual) as there are no facilities nearby. A guide is not necessary however. If you have never hiked before, consider getting someone to help you.

You can head to Gunung Abang in Penelokan anytime, but the daytime is recommended. Even though it can get very hot, the forest will provide some shade. The ideal time to hike is between April and October.