Gutenberg Castle in Balzers – Liechtenstein

Gutenberg Castle in Balzers is one of the most important historical landmarks of Liechtenstein with its natural beauty and centuries old allure.

Location and How to Get There

Balzers is located just across the bridge that separates Liechtenstein from Switzerland. It is in the southernmost part of the country and is highly accessible by public transport. Upon arriving at Balzers, you will not find it difficult to get to Gutenberg Castle because it is the most important landmark in the village.

What to See There

The Gutenberg Castle is a sight to behold. Its humongous and handsome structure definitely steals the show for the rest of Balzers.

There is a grandstand on the inner courtyard of the castle where cultural presentations and concert performances are held, especially during summer. If you want to take part on the Gutenberg celebrations, you may time your visit when it is festively held.


Apart from attending cultural performances, you would also love sightseeing while inside the castle. It houses a museum where ingenious artworks and artifacts can be found. There are also the two chapels – Mariahilf Church and Saint Peter Chapel – which are worth seeing. There is also the Bronze horse, which is the main allure of the inner courtyard.

The Gutenberg hill is another notable sight. It gives you a nice view of the world below while giving you a glimpse of the local cultural history.

It is very enriching to visit the Gutenberg Castle for all its worth in local Liechtenstein history. It is definitely one handsome structure that tourist of all kinds must never miss.


The Gutenberg Castle was probably around since the Bronze Age. The first mention of it, however, was in 1263 as the property of the Gutenbergs. In 1979, the Liechtenstein government took control of the property and opened it for public exploration.


For the most part, the Gutenberg Castle is free for exploration, unless you are visiting between November and April. You will also need to pay a ticket fee if you came to see a concert or cultural event.

Other Info

The Gutenberg castle is open for a by appointment only tour from May 1 to October 31. It can also be booked for weddings and other events.

As an important structure in the local historical past, it is one destination that people who visit Liechtenstein and Balzers, in particular, do not miss. Fortunately, they are not disappointed with the spectacular beauty that’s presented before their very eyes.