Haciendas – Ecuador

If your idea of a good travel is all about traversing through a bit of history via picturesque views, we have a nice suggestion for you. Why not try the Haciendas of Ecuador? Sounds good? Well, it is even more tempting as you read the details.

Location and How to Get There

Ecuador is a lovely place with many scenic views of historical structures that will keep you filled in on how the ancient people lived their lives.

The Haciendas are basically inns with lots of facilities for pampering. Lots of activities like horse back riding, swimming, biking, hiking, and bird-watching, among others are readily available. Add to that is the classic but elegant allure of the inns, which are good enough for a good sight.

The Haciendas are mainly located in the highlands, not too far away from the country’s capital, Quito. Accessibility is not a problem as infrastructure leading to these Haciendas is good. You will not have problems about using the public transport system because it is efficient enough to take you where you want to go.

What to See There

Traveling to the Haciendas basically involves a travel plan. Talk to your agent about involving a Hacienda or two to your Ecuador itinerary and believe us, you will not regret that you did so. Some travelers even wish to experience and spend several days at each to learn more about their colorful history and soak up the kind of atmosphere on offer.

Mostly, a trip to the Haciendas involves an adventure to nearby attractions. So aside from marveling about the views of Ecuador from your veranda, you can experience more of the country’s amusements.


The Haciendas were developed during the Spanish colonization. The Spaniards were given large grants as a reward for their services to the crown. Such grants were located in the highlands and the Sierra region. Many of the Haciendas servicing tourists – local and foreigners alike – today were built hundreds of years ago.


The cost for staying at a Hacienda differs according to the features included in the package. You can add up a number of activities to your stay including a private tour to nearby attractions such as the market town of Otavalo famous for Ecuadorian handicrafts or to the Amazon Jungle Rainforest. You can also choose from many available activities like swimming, biking, hiking, and horse back riding. All those additions come with a fee, of course.

Other Info

With its pleasant weather and fertile soil, livestock and fresh produce are being sold to add to the Hacienda owner’s wealth.