Heeren Street in Malacca – Malaysia

If you like some historical adventure in Malaysia, there’s no other place to go but Heeren Street in Malacca.

Location and How to Get There

Heeren Street is located in downtown Malacca, the capital city of a state of the same name in peninsular Malaysia. It is quite easy to get there because there are many transportation options available from anywhere in the country and from anywhere in the world.

Malacca International Airport facilitates limited flight routes but is still quite efficient in bringing hordes of tourists, especially those who are coming from Indonesia. If you cannot fly directly to Malacca, you can always fly to Kuala Lumpur and take southbound buses to get to your destination. By road travel, Malacca is about two hours away from the country’s capital. You may also hire a taxi, rent a private car, or take a ferry to get to Malacca. It all boils down to where you are departing from, your preferences, and your budget.

As you get to Malacca, you can get around by riding a taxi, a bus, a private car, a bicycle, or a Trishaw for very minimal costs.

What to See There

Heeren Street used to be the nesting place for wealthy Chinese and Peranakan traders. This is where they built their lavish mansions and narrow but long houses that speak of classic elegance. At that time, Heeren Street is popularly known as “The Millionaire’s Row.”

Today, much of the elegance and flare of the traditional houses still exist. But they are no longer inhabited rather turned into shops, museums, or hotels serving a good number of tourists all year through. Still, you can take a cue or two on how the ancient locals of the town lived their lives as their lifestyle is reflected on the structures that you can find all over.


Heeren Street is also known locally as Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock. It is nearby Jonker Street, which also personifies the old Malaccan town. Magnificent and beautifully decorated houses characterize both Heeren and Jonker Street, considered as Malacca’s residential heart. Not too long ago, the place underwent some renovations here and there and was turned into a major tourist hub.


There is nothing you need to spend if you are just looking around Heeren Street. It is a different thing altogether, however, if you intend to go inside the shops, the museums, or check into one of the hotels and eat in one of the restaurants.

Other Info

Heeren Street is quite near Malacca River, which adds up to the allure of the place to tourists mushrooming from everywhere.