Helicopter Tour of Barbados – Barbados

Barbados helicopter tours are a great way to see the island. The nice thing about it is that tour operators offer different packages.

Location and How to Get to This Specific Site

Barbados is located to the northeast of Venezuela in the Caribbean. You can fly in and out by way of Sir Grantley Adams International Airport. You can also get there by boat. There are several cruise ships that service the island. From the terminal you can ride a taxi and go to your destination.

What to See There

Going on Barbados helicopter tours can be an exhilarating experience. From high above you will see the blue seas surrounding the island. The lush scenery below will also become evident. You can go on an aerial tour of the west and east coast of the island.

From here the guiles, plantation houses and sugar factories will be visible. You will also be able to see historic landmarks.
Most aerial tours allow you to take pictures or videotape the scenery. The pilot or another guide will explain to you the scenes unfolding before your eyes.


The island’s earliest known settlers were the Saladoid-Barrancoid group. They came to the island in 350 AD by way of Venezuela’s Orinoco Valley. They were made up of ceramists, fishermen and farmers. The next wave of settlers was the Arawak people c. 800 AD. Remains of their settlements can be found in Mapp’s Cave, Saint Luke’s Gully, Chandler Bay and Stroud Point.

According to the Arawak people, the island was originally known as Ichirouganaim. The 13th century saw the arrival of the Carbis. The word Barbados itself was given by Pedro Campos in 1536. He called it Los Barbados (“The Bearded Ones”) due to its fig trees.


These tours cost at least 140 USD per person. This rate is for an adult. Individuals below 12 years of age are usually charged less. The length of the flight also influences the flight. Longer trips will cost more. Due to their popularity, advanced booking is recommended. Deposits are required in most cases.

Other Info

Read the details before paying for the tour. Check the maximum passenger capacity. Some tours also require a minimum number of passengers onboard before taking off. Note also that cancellations have to be done at least 24 hours before the flight.

There are many Barbados helicopter tours; it is best to compare the offers before you decide which one to go with.