Hierapolis in Denizli – Turkey

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the tourist attractions at Hierapolis Turkey are considered among the finest in the country. The site is well known for its baths and hot springs, but there are plenty more to see.


The ancient city can be found in the southwestern area of Turkey. It is 18 km to the north of Denizli. From the Denizli airport it is just 60 minutes away.

What to See

The Gates and main street are the first things the visitor sees. Main Street is a kilometer long and the gates are Romanesque in architecture. The famous Roman bath dates back to the 2nd century AD. Remains indicate there were marbles on the walls.

The Temple of Apollo is another one of the tourist attractions at Hierapolis. This used to be the site where religious rites were performed by ancient cults. The theater nearby dates from AD 60. Visitors will also see a hill over 80 meters high.

The Monumental Fountains can be seen at main street. You will also find one of these in the Temple of Apollo. The fountain at main street is the largest in all of Asia. The structure was laden with mythological art.


The city was established by the Pergamene King Eumenes II around the 2nd century AD. The site was chosen because of the hot springs which the ancients believed could heal people. The healing properties of the water made the city well known.

The city would prosper until it was destroyed by the earthquake of AD 60. The place was reconstructed by Rome, but it had lost its Hellenistic features.

The city would become a small settlement. As Christianity spread, the city would gain in importance. Its significance would continue with the rise of the Byzantine Empire. It was in the 12th century when the city fell to the Turks.


The entrance fee is 20 TL (13 USD or 10 Euros).

Other Info

The octagonal structure in the site is known as the Martyrdom of Apostle Philip. The structure was built in the 6th century AD. According to legend, it was in this city that the Apostle Philip was martyred. Not far from the basilica baths is the Necropolis. Several tombs date from the Hellenistic to early Christian eras.

You can visit the tourist attractions at Hierapolis from 08:30 – 19:30 every day. If you plan to stay a while, there are many hotels and lodging places around the city.