Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki – Finland

Helsinki is not only a favorite holiday getaway of tourists from all corners of the globe for its historical landmarks, museums and galleries. The city also provides its guests with a good number of outdoor recreational activities.

The Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki – Finland is a beach getaway in the city that has become a favorite hang-out for locals and tourists alike, particularly in the summer.


Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki – Finland is located in the district of Töölö, close to Hietaniemi Cemetery.

Getting There

To get to Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki – Finland, you can walk from the city center or take a bus or tram.

If you prefer to walk to the beach, from the downtown area of Helsinki, this is just about a 20-minute walk.

On the other hand, if you prefer to ride; you can take bus number 55A or bus number 18; or tram 3T from Kamppi and Rautatientori.

What to Do

Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki – Finland provides locals and travelers alike with the perfect venue to enjoy the sun, sand and surf.

Sunbathing and swimming are two of the most common activities that you will see people doing here. You can also play beach volleyball, build sand castles, walk along the shore in the cool afternoon breeze or simply lounge about.

The most popular beach sport here however, is beach volleyball. As a matter of fact, this has been a venue for beach volleyball tournaments for over a decade now.

Tournaments usually take place in the summer which means you might just catch one if you’re visiting in the summer months.

Brief History

Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki – Finland is locally known as Hietsu. Before it was officially considered as a sand beach, the area was formerly utilized as a landfill.

Thereafter, it was used as a storage spot for sand materials.

Sand that was extracted from the seabed was dumped on the site. The sand however, was never used. This prompted the locals to instead adopt the area as a sand beach and in the year 1929, it was converted into a beach area.


There is no cost to visit Hietaniemi Beach in Helsinki – Finland. It is in fact, one of the widely recommended free tourist spots in the city.

Other Information

Locals and tourists flock the area in the summer so it’s best to get a headstart and come here early to get a good spot, particularly if you plan to visit on a weekend as well as during volleyball tournaments.