High Mayan Temple in Lamanai – Belize

Lamanai is one of the more interesting tourist spots in all of Belize. One of the reasons behind that is the High Mayan Temple, a truly enriching site that sits atop a summit.

Location and How to Get There

The High Mayan Temple is one of the important structures that can be found in Lamanai. It is exactly located at the Orange Walk District.

To get to Lamanai, you will have to take a boat ride that winds up the New River. The boats dock at the welcome center, where tourist guides are waiting, ready to assist every explorer that comes along. The tourist guides are your best resort to get to the High Mayan Temple and to all the other exciting adventures that are waiting in the lands of Lamanai, which literally means “submerged crocodile”.

What to See

The High Mayan Temple is a sight to behold and suffice to say, an exciting adventure to get into. You have to climb about 33 meters or about a hundred and eight feet to get to the temple, which sits atop a beautiful summit.

Once you are there, you will not only be treated to an enriching historical exploration but also a picturesque view of the Lamanai wildlife as well as the tranquil New River lagoon.


The High Mayan Temple was constructed in ancient times. It is one of the more important ruins in Lamanai that has been discovered in recent times and which has been renovated to cater to all sorts of exploring tourists.


Traveling to the High Mayan Temple mostly involves getting a touring package to Lamanai. This will not only take you to the impressive High Temple but also to two other significant temples in the ruins – the Mask Temple and the Jaguar Temple.

Aside from exploring the temples, you can also have an adventure of a lifetime at Lamanai’s rainforest, where an exciting wildlife thrives. All these are available for a price that varies according to the features of the travel package as well as the travel agent you are dealing with.

Other Info

An adventure to the classic structures of the Mayan civilization is best characterized by a trip to an onsite museum, which displays significant artifacts that best describe the Mayan way of life.

If that is not enough, don’t be afraid to look around as there are said to be hundreds more of ruins that are not yet excavated – and they are all situated in the nearby rainforest.