High Tatras – Slovakia

The High Tatras in Slovakia is a small mountain range. While it is not physically large, it more than makes up for it by the beautiful scenery around it.


The mountain range is set on 260 km of land. The mountain ridge stretches for 26.5 km. It commences at the 1947 meter Laliove sedlo to the west. It culminates on the east with the Kopske sedlo.

What to See

These mountain ranges have 17 peaks that are more than 2500 m AMSL (above mean sea level). The tallest peaks are in Slovakia. Gerlachovsky stit is the highest at 2655 meters. There are many animals in the area.

Some of the animals that reside in the area are the fox, wolf, marten, Eurasian Lynx and the bear. The High Tatras in Slovakia is also a popular skiing destination. There are several ski resorts including Tatranska Lomnica, Stary Smokovec and Strbske Pleso. You can reach the resort via Poprad town.


These peaks are part of the Tatra Mountains. These mountains come from the Alpine orogeny and are corrugated. The landscape is akin to that of the Alps. It is the tallest mountain at the Carpathians. It has the outer chains of Belianske, Tatry, High and Eastern Tatras. These mountains have different characteristics.

However, they are all relatively easy to access. They are easier for researchers and tourists to get to. These mountains should not be confused with the Low Tatras. These mountains are situated in the Central Europe temperate zone.

The topography means the climate can vary greatly. The wind speed is 6m/s. The highest wind speed recorded is 288 km/h. Some winds are strong enough to cause damage to the nearby forests.


Slovakian tours cost around 700 to 100 USD. This is good for 7 to 8 days with plenty of sightseeing, transport, guides etc. The itinerary will vary per package, however. They may both include a tour of the mountains, but the other sidetrips may be at different places.

Other Info

There are many lakes in the mountains. The major ones are the Morskie Oko (1,395 m, 51 m deep), Czarny Staw pod Rysami (1,583 m, 76 m deep) and Strbske pleso (1,347 m, 20 m deep). Other lakes in the park are Zmrzle pleso, Tazke pleso, Czarny Staw Gasienicowy and Vysne Bielovoeske Zabie pleso.

The High Tatras in Slovakia also has many other peaks. These include Gerlachovsky stit, Gerlachovska veza, Lomnicky stit and Ladovy stit.