Hoi An in Quang Nam – Vietnam

Location/How to Get Here

Hoi An in Quang Nam – Vietnam is a city located in the South Central coast of the country. It is located in the province of Quang Nam which is found along the coast of the South China Sea. There are several travel options when traveling to this popular tourist destination.

One of the fastest modes of transportation here is to travel via plane. However, the closest airport around is the one in Da Nang. From the airport, travelers can take a taxi, which would cost them some $15 or so. Another option from the airport is to take a minibus taxi, which is air-conditioned making travel more comfortable. The trip from the airport to Hoi An will take around 45 minutes.

Other entry options here would include travel by train still to Da Nang from destinations such as Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh, and Hanoi. There are also tour buses but the trip will of course take even longer, which can even last for 10 hours if you’re a bit unlucky. One exciting travel option is to get to Hoi An via the Marble Mountains on a motorbike. Traveling by this method you get to see the landscape of Hoi An.

Sites and Activities

There are a lot of reasons to visit Hoi An in Quang Nam – Vietnam. The old town is actually a UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the highlights of this trip is getting on one of the swan boats. At times other folks would just love to take one of the trips to the historical sites of the city.

Another reason to visit the place is the many museums that highlight the culture and history of the place and Vietnam as a whole. There are a total of four museums in the city’s area. They include the Museum of History and Culture, Museum of Trade Ceramics, Museum of Folk Culture, and the Museum of Say Huynh Culture.

There are also a lot of things that tourists can do when they visit Hoi An in Quang Nam – Vietnam. Tourists can take part in any of the local festivities such as the Full Moon Festival, Fisherman’s Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival. Other than that, visitors can simply just hang out on the beach. Visitors may also go on the Eco Tour and experience the local culture first hand as they enjoy the beauty of nature.


Hoi An is a historically significant city in Vietnam. It had the biggest harbor in all of Southeast Asia back in the first century. It was also a center of trade during the 16th and 17th century. It was well known to its Asian neighbors as well as to western countries such as the Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, and the French.


A tour of the old town of Hoi An in Quang Nam – Vietnam is administered via a coupon system. A coupon will cost some $5. Tourists can view the historical sites and one of the museums using only one coupon. Booking a hotel will cost some $10 to $60 on average since there are a lot of different accommodations that are available. Expect the food prices in the tourist centers to be a bit steep though elsewhere the prices should be quite reasonable.