Holguin – Cuba

The many tourist attractions in Holguin has turned it into one of the top destinations in the Cuba. Its captivating scenery and relaxing atmosphere will make you feel very welcome.


The city is on the eastern portion of Cuba. You can get there by plane. You can get around the city and other nearby places by taxi, bus or car. If you are renting a car, the city is between Guantanamo and Las Tunas. Santiago de Cuba and Granma are on its south.

What to See

The natural scenery is rich and varied. Beaches with fine sand dominate the landscape along with fertile plains. There are also picturesque mountains all around. The beaches are enveloped by vivid greens. This provides a striking contrast with the white gold sand.

There are other tourist attractions in Holguin. Gibara and the city capital are known for their architecture. Other places worthy of a visit are Pinares de Mayari, Cayo Saetia and Bahia de Naranjo.


The city was founded in 1545. The site was named in honor of Captain Garcia Holguin. Until 1976, the city was situated in Oriente province. Over time it would become one of the country’s major tourist hotspots.

Throughout its history, development has been balanced with preserving its scenic attractions. Several parks can be found in the city, including San Jose, Marti and San Isidro.


Car rental rates are charged on a per day basis. The lowest is CUC 65. The bus fares are usually around 0.40 CUP. Taxis rates will vary, but 50 CUC to 100 CUC is not uncommon.

Other Info

The city has its own library and Marti cinema. There is a science museum called the Museum La Periquera. The history museum is also worth checking out. You can also climb the Loma de la Cruz hill and see the crucifix above it. After climbing the 150 steps, you will be greeted with a view of the entire city.

The lovely scenery makes it ideal for biking. You can bring your own bike, but there are some available in stores. You can carry the bike on a train or a bus. You should encounter no resistance from the bus driver if you give them some cash.

Those enjoying the tourist attractions in Holguin can choose from many available hotels. Some options are the Rio de Oro, Sol Rio de Lunas y Mares Resort and Playa Pesquero Hotel.