Holy Ghost Citadel in Luxembourg City – Luxemburg

The Holy Ghost Citadel is a historical landmark in Luxembourg City. It is also one of the premier tourist spots in Europe.


The citadel can be found at the upper portion of the city. You can reach the place by walking. It is not that far from the Passerelle Viaduct and the Natural History Museum.

What to See

The Citadel and the barracks are known for their beautiful views of the Alzette and the Petrusse valley. From the citadel you will also see the Grund or the lower town. During the 13th century, an abbey was established here.

Defenses were built around it. The French military fortress builder Vauban realized it could be used as a citadel. Thus, the Holy Ghost Citadel was born. Today, there is a lift you can take to the Grund.


During the Roman times, the area around the city was noted for the presence of fortified towers. In the year 963, Siegfried I of the Ardennes obtained these lands. It was here that Siegfried constructed his castle. Sometime after 987, a marketplace was established close to the church. It was around this area that the city slowly formed.

Its location made it very important for military operations. As early as the 10th century, military outposts were already being built. As the city expanded, new fortifications were added. In 1443, Philip the Good and the Burgundians conquered the city and was integrated into the Spanish and Austrian empires.

The city and its castle would be further fortified. By the 16th century, the city was one of the most fortified in the continent. Through the years, the city became subject to different rulers including the French, the Prussians and repeatedly by the Austrians and Spaniards.


If you are going to Luxembourg, the cost will be around 1000 USD or less. If you are staying there for a while, there are many hotels available. The luxury hotels cost from 150 to 500 Euros. But there are also mid-range lodging places available.

Other Info

The nice thing about going to the Citadel is that it is not too far away from other tourist attractions. The Casemates Bock is a network made up of fortifications underground. These were made in the 18th century and well worth a look. Other landmarks are the river of Luxembourg and the Neumunster Abbey.

The Holy Ghost Citadel is not that far off from the Place d’Armes and the Place Guillaume. The former has many cafes and is the staging ground for numerous concerts.