Iguazu Falls – Argentina

Iguazu Falls – Argentina is tagged as one the “great natural wonders of the world” and other popular falls around the world, including the Niagara Falls rather pale in comparison – as was declared by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt upon seeing the falls for the first time.


Iguazu Falls – Argentina is located in the Province of Misiones. Puerto Iguazu is a tourist town established mainly to serve the tourists wishing to visit the falls.

Getting There

You can fly in via the Aeroporto International Cataratas del Iguazu, a few kilometers off Iguazu Falls – Argentina as well as Puerto Iguazu. From here, you can take a bus to get you to the terminal.

From the terminal, you will have to take another bus that will drive you straight to the entrance to the park that gives access to the falls from the Argentine side.

What to See and Do

When visiting Iguazu Falls – Argentina, be prepared to see what could perhaps be the most amazing sight in the world. The falls, as mentioned, have been compared to some of the world’s most popular waterfalls, including Victoria Falls in South Africa.

Once inside the park, you can take a train ride that will take you to the major circuits around the falls. These circuits are: Circuito Superior, Circuito Inferior, Isla San Martin, Garganta del Diablo and Sendero Macuco.

Circuito Superior takes you to the upper edges of the falls; Circuito Inferior takes you to the bottom edge of the falls where there is a lookout where you can see Salto Bossetti as well as Dos Hermanas.

Isla San Martin provides you bird-watchers with plenty of birds to observe apart from the lookouts that also give good views of the falls.

Garganta del Diablo is the most popular spot in the park. A train can take you up to a walkway of about a kilometer in length. This is where you can experience the most “roar and spray” of the falls.

Finally, Sendero Macuco lets you experience the wildlife living in the areas surrounding the falls.

Brief History: About Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls are the falls of the Iguazu River, bordered by the Parana in Brazil and Misiones in Argentina. The name of the river translates to “water” and “big.”

There is a legend that claims the beginnings of the falls. It is said that a certain god had plans to wed a beautiful girl known by the name of Naipi.

Naipi however, did not marry the god but instead ran off with her lover, a mortal man known by the name of Tarobá.

They took a canoe down the river to run away from the god. The god enraged, cut the river which then resulted in the falls.

It was a Spanish conquistador by the name of Alvar Nuñez Cabeza de Vaca who discovered the falls in the year 1541.


Visiting Iguazu Falls – Argentina costs 100 Argentine Pesos per person. If you have your ticket stamped before leaving, you can visit again the following day for half the price of the ticket.

Buses to the park cost about 7.50 Argentine Pesos, one-way.

Other Information

Touring Iguazu Falls – Argentina means that you will get sprayed and wet for the most part of the tour so it is recommended that you wear waterproof gear. Other visitors actually wear their swimsuits when exploring the falls.