Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar

Madagascar is a beautiful island nation, considered as the 4th largest island nation around the world. Surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the country offers excellent opportunities for enjoying the waters of the ocean.

Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar is one of the beautiful islands of the country where tourists can enjoy a number of water sports and various outdoor activities.


Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar is situated off the eastern coast of the country, within the Analanjirofo Region.

Getting There

If you will be flying in to Madagascar, your best option is to fly in via the airport located in Antananarivo, Madagascar’s capital city. From here, you can take another flight going to Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar.

Your other option is to get to the island by boat. There are several boat shuttles that go to the harbor in Ambodifotatra, the island’s main city. You may also want to join cruises that dock at Ile Ste-Marie.

What to See and Do

When you are in Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar, you will definitely not run out of things to do and places to explore. Its pristine shores and crystal clear waters provide plenty of opportunities for diving, snorkeling, swimming and sailing.

Whale watching is of course the most popular activity in the island. During the month of June, humpback whales migrate to the channel in Ile Ste-Marie to breed and to raise their young before heading off to the icy cold waters of the Antarctic once again.

You can also visit the town of Ambodifotatra where you can see one of the country’s oldest Catholic churches and an old fort built atop a hill. In this town, there are restaurants as well as shops where you can find a wide variety of items.

Market days in this town are Tuesdays and Thursdays and during these days; you will find a number of stalls selling a wide assortment of items from fresh produce to local souvenirs.

Brief History

Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar was once a pirate island between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The pirates lived in an island within the bay of Ambodifotatra and most of them actually started their own families here.

There is a cemetery in Ile Ste.-Marie where you can see tombs of some of these pirates.

Ile Ste-Marie is more formally known as Nosy Boraha. It is a 57-kilometer stretch of granite island.


Accommodations around Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar range from 2-star to 4-star hotels and the best ones are usually found along the shores off the southern parts of Ambodifotatra.

These may cost anywhere from £ 55 to £ 88 per person, per night. The costs however usually cover breakfast and dinner, airport transfers and a whale-watching trip.

Other Information

If you wish to view the whales during your visit to Ile Ste-Marie – Madagascar, the best time to go is between the months of June and September as these are the months when they make their appearance in the waters of the Ile Ste-Marie Channel.