Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh

Bangladesh may be a small country as compared to its neighbors but it is not without its own unique tourist attractions. Beaches, beautiful landscapes, tea estates and mangrove forests including one that is declared as a UNESCO World Heritage Site are among its tourist hotspots.

Among the beaches here is the Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh.


Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh is situated several kilometers from another tourist destination in the country, Cox’s Bazar – approximately thirty – two kilometers off the southern coast of Cox’s Bazar.

Getting There

Your best option to get to Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh is to hire a car service for the day as the roads are quite rough and muddy on some parts.

An experienced driver can easily get past these but for foreigners unused to driving in such terrain, it could be quite a challenge.

While there are public transports available, these are not the most comfortable again, for the same reasons as rough patches on the road.

What to See and Do

Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh is most famous for its coral boulders spread out all over the beach area. you can perch on one of these rocks and simply dip your feet in the water while enjoying the spectacular views of the waters.

The beach, with its gold – hued sands, is also abundant with sea shells of various colors and sizes. Kids will particularly enjoy picking these shells for their souvenirs back home.

The waters are calm and clear so kids can also swim here. Nearby is a small lagoon as well and these are again ideal for kids.

There are no establishments around the beach area which means that you will be virtually on your own, save for a few tourists, at the beach. You can enjoy the serenity of the place.

If you are looking to spend a few hours on the beach, it is best to bring food and drinks with you so you can have a picnic by the beach.

Brief History

Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh is a secluded beach in the country that offers guests a relatively solitary and quiet getaway. It is set against a backdrop of beautiful hills along its eastern side.

Palm trees surround the area. Tourists are not aplenty here but you will occasionally see fishermen going about their business trying to catch their livelihood for the day.


There are no hotels, restaurants and other establishments in the area. You can find accommodations in Cox’s Bazar and Inani Beach will make for a good day trip.

Likewise, there are no entry fees to visit Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh.

Other Information

Sunsets are beautiful on Inani Beach in Himchori – Bangladesh. If you can wait for it, you will be rewarded with one of the most amazing sunset views you can ever have in a lifetime.