Inle Lake in Myanmar – Burma

The Inle Lake in Myanmar is a picturesque lake that has become a tourist favorite. The lake is lovely enough on its own, but there are other attractions around it as well.


The body of water can be found about the center of the country. To be more specific it is at the southwest of Mandalay. Taking a domestic flight is the most comfortable way to reach the place. Heho airport is an hour away by taxi. You can also get there by bus, but the ride is long and can be uncomfortable.

What to See

The most popular activity is a boat ride on the lake. As you ride the boat, you will get to visit many shops. The shops sell everything from jewelry to clothes to silverware. You can also purchase some cigars and other souvenir items.

If you decide to rent a bike, you can head towards the mountains and check out the hot springs. Not only is it refreshing, but the journey can be very rewarding thanks to the views. Finally, you can also have a massage, as there are several facilities that provide the service. Their costs will vary though.


The lake is a product of nature, made over the course of thousands of years. It is over 20 kilometers long. Apart from the tourists, the area around the Inle Lake in Myanmar is home to numerous tribes. Many of them go fishing on the lake. Since the tourism boom however, many shops, stores, hotels and other tourism related establishments have sprung up.


The tours for the upper half of the lake is 10000 kyat. If you want the floating market as well, you have to pay 1200 kyat. If the south of the lake is included, the cost will be 1500 kyat. The entry fee to the lake is 5 USD. A hike will cost 10,000 kyat per individual.

Other Info

You can rent a bike from one of the shops and explore the place. There are many rental shops, so go over a few before buying one. You can also go hiking at Kalaw or the nearby hills. Some of the treks can last for three days.

The Inle Lake in Myanmar is a beautiful handiwork of nature. In spite of the passage of time, it has remained unchanged. It is for this reason that the site has become such a hit with tourists.