Isla de Gorriti in Maldonado – Uruguay

Isla Gorriti Uruguay is one of the most scenic places in all of South America. It is an island teeming with lovely beaches and exciting activities.


The place is only a couple of kilometers off Punta del Este. The island is also close to the Playa Mansa. The island is reached by boat, something your tour operator will provide.

What to See

The island used to be a prison, and there are still many historical and archaeological ruins to be seen. There are also good restaurants and eateries in the place. Of course, the beaches are its biggest attractions. The fine sands make it ideal for strolling and sunbathing.

The clear and clean waters are also perfect for swimming. Isla Gorriti Uruguay used to be known as Las Palmas owing to the presence of palm trees. Today, the landscape is dominated by Tamarix, eucalyptus and scented pine trees.


During the 1600s and 1700s, numerous explorers came to the island. Among them were Francis Drake, Juan Diaz Solis and Magellan. In 1607, Corsair David visited the place. He would leave numerous stone deposits.

The name of the island is taken from one of its founders, Governor Gorriti Francisco. He was at the helm during the mid 1700s. The famous scientist Charles Darwin also passed by this island in the 1800s.

As the years passed, the island was used in different ways. Prior to being used as a prison, it was utilized as a giant hospital. There was a cholera epidemic in Europe. To avoid contagion, the sick people were taken to the island. These are all part of the rich history of the island.


The cost of the boat and ferries will depend on where you are emanating from and what service you chose. The typical ferry should cost somewhere around 147 A$. Faster rides will cost about 190 A$. Due to competition, the cost is going down.

Other Info

The popularity of the island is growing. Every day, at least 500 people come and visit it. There are now many inns in the area. From the inns you can enjoy the views of the seas and the skies.

Scuba diving is very popular. The waters around the island are refreshing. The colorful fish beneath the waters also make underwater diving enthralling.

Isla Gorriti Uruguay has something for everyone. Its many attractions will make a first time visitor want to come back for more.