Jaluit – Marshall Islands

The atoll of Jaluit Marshall Islands is a well known tourist spot. It is filled with many sightseeing spots and several activities you can do.


This coral atoll is composed of 91 islands. It is located in the Pacific Ocean. It makes up the Ralik Chain legislative district. The islet can be found 220 kilometers (140 mi) to the southwest of Majuro.

What to See

The land area encompasses 11.34 square kilometers (4.38 sq mi). The islet measures 10.4 km2. The island is well known as a diving spot. Scuba divers will enjoy the colorful fish and marine life in its waters. The reefs, rocks and underwater sights are among the finest in the islands.

The atoll is shaped like a cross. The biggest islet on the atoll is Jabor. There is a gas station there as well as a hotel. You will also see some stores where basic food is sold. You can go snorkeling at Jaluit Marshall Islands. The best locations are at the northern sector of the lagoon and the sunken dock by the airport. The atoll encompasses a lagoon measuring 690 square kilometers (270 sq mi).


This atoll was formerly the capital of the Marshall Islands. The population is about 1,700. During the late 1880s, the islands were annexed by the German Empire. After World War I ended, the islands were seized by the Empire of Japan.

By the 1930s, people from Japan started coming to the islands. The Japanese would administer the islands up to the early years of World War II. In December 1943, the islands came under heavy bombing by the USAAF 7th Air Force.

The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands agreement saw control of the islands handed to the US. It was not until 1986 that the islands were accorded independence. Today, the atoll is rapidly becoming a well known tourist destination.


A trip to the the islands will cost a few hundred dollars. However, there are many websites that offer flight discounts. Also remember that there is a 20 USD tax on departure.

Other Info

45 minutes from Jabor is the islet of Imiej. This was the base of the Imperial Japanese Navy garrison. It also served as a seaplane base. Other artifacts on the island are the ruins of a Shinto shrine, anti-aircraft guns, barracks and a power station.

The Jaluit Marshall Islands is not just another island. There are actually many attractions that you will definitely enjoy.