Japanese WWII Communications Center in Weno – Micronesia

The Japanese WWII Communications Center is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Micronesia. Unlike other Japanese structures, this one survived the bombings in World War II.


The structure is in Weno in Micronesia. There are several tour operators that can take you to the site. The structure is in the complex that contains the Xavier High School.

What to See

The Center is notable for its large thick walls and massive fortifications. Made of numerous concrete layers, this probably helped it survive the bombings. Prior to the war, the Center was owned by the local Catholic Church.

Later the land was reclaimed and utilized as a nucleus for a Jesuit high school. These days, the Japanese WWII Communications Center still has many structures intact. These include the student dormitory, the living quarters, offices and gymnasium. There is also a study hall, chapel and many classroom buildings.


Historical records show the only Micronesian empire to have emerged was from Yap. The Spaniards were among the first to conquer the islands, claiming Guam, the Northern Marianas, and the Caroline Islands. These would become part of the Spanish East Indies. They were administered from the Philippines.

The Spaniards would lose control of the islands in 1898 after losing to the United States in the 1898 Spanish-American War. Aside from these islands, the United States would also take Wake Island. Germany would take over Northern Mariana, Marshall and the Caroline islands. Gilbert Islands would end up in the possession of Great Britain.

The German Pacific Island territories became the League of Nations Mandates in 1923. The rest of the German territories were given to Japan. This was the case until World War II. They then became United Nations Trusteeship ruled by America. Majority of the islands are now independent. However, Guam and Wake Island are still United States territories.


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Other Info

Some of the most popular destinations in Micronesia are Eten Island and the Utwa-Walung Marine Park. The latter is known for its corals and forest ecosystems. You can also go on a cultural village tour and Kosrae island.

The Japanese WWII Communications Center remains one of the most interesting historical places in Micronesia. For many people, a trip to the country is not complete without checking the site out.