Jardin d’Eden in Kinshasa – Congo

Being the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kinshasa has plenty to offer tourists wishing to visit here for a holiday away from home.

From the tourist hotspots within the bustling city center to scenic rural areas that offer a more tranquil setting for a holiday, Kinshasa makes for a nice holiday getaway.

For those wishing to experience a bit of the rural atmosphere with a modern touch, the Jardin d’Eden in Kinshasa – Congo is the perfect spot to visit.


Jardin d’Eden in Kinshasa – Congo is located about thirty-five minutes off the city centre, past the Kinshasa airport; along the Nsele River. It is about five minutes off the rural village of Kinkole, also in Kinshasa.

Getting There

There are local buses that you can take from the city centre of Kinshasa to reach Jardin d’Eden in Kinshasa – Congo. However, as these buses may be a bit cramped and hot, your best option is to take a private taxi to get to Jardin d’Eden.

While these may be more expensive, especially for foreign travelers as the taxis may add a bit more to their fare; these are nevertheless more comfortable.

What to See and Do

Jardin d’Eden in Kinshasa – Congo has a wide variety of options when it comes to entertainment. There is a restaurant that is open 24 hours which comes alive with Congolese music played by a live band.

You also have the option to explore the river banks for a relaxing stroll amidst natural surroundings or you can take a canoe ride down the river for a bit more exploration of the water and its surrounding areas.

Jardin d’Eden likewise has rooms for accommodations, free wi-fi internet access, conference rooms and facilities for swimming as well as fishing.

If you are looking for a “one-stop-sop” for your holiday in Kinshasa, this place has everything you need to make for a memorable holiday.

You can also visit nearby Kinkole, a small fishing village popular for its restaurants serving excellent local dishes.

Brief History: Visiting Kinshasa

Kinshasa, although considered modern, is still lacking in infrastructure as the city came into decay as a result of civil and political conflicts in the country.

However, for those looking to experience the Congolese way of life; particularly the rural lifestyle, Kinshasa has plenty to offer in this regard.

You will find that locals are very warm and welcoming to visitors, especially in the rural areas and the friendly atmosphere adds to the appeal of the place.


The rooms provided by Jardin d’Eden in Kinshasa – Congo range from US$75 to US$100 per room, per night.

Food costs start at US$20 to US$40.

Other Information

Drinking tap water is not advisable. Bottled water is widely available in stores, restaurants and hotels.