Jirisan – Korea

Jirisan is one of the most important legendary mountains in Korea. It stands about 1,915 meters above sea level and is situated inside the Jirisan National Park.

Location and How to Get There

Jirisan is in Korea’s largest national park, which bears the same name. It spans three provinces, the biggest portion of which is in South Gyeongsang.

To get to Jirisan, you will need the help of a professional tour guide who will show you the way. Not to worry, though, because public transport in Korea is quite very efficient. You can easily get from one point to another either by train, by boat, or by bus. You may also hire a private car or a taxi for your exploration.

What to See There

Jirisan speaks of unequalled beauty. It is not just about the mountain with its peak, its depth, and width. There is more to the Jirisan Mountain than meets the eye.

Plus, you also have the national park to explore by taking the trip. The Jirisan Park is teeming with flora and fauna, a treasure chest of nature peppered with many valleys and hills, different species of trees, and of course, wildlife.

You would not just like the view at Jirisan. You will also love the feel of being in it. Its tranquil surrounding is perfect for soul-searching. You may also check out the Buddhist temples standing tall among some of nature’s most beautiful wonders.


Jirisan is rich with history. As mentioned, it is one of the three legendary mountains in South Korea. Since the ancient times, it is considered a ground of the nation’s faith. That’s probably why the seven Buddhist temples that are situated within the Jirisan National park are among some of the most visited.


There is no mention how much is needed to enter the Jirisan National Park to get a glimpse of the Jirisan mountain along with the other allures of nature. But for sure, if there is an entrance fee to pay, it is sure worth every cent. Jirisan is a sight to behold, it is a site that should be in every traveler’s itinerary. It does not only offers a picturesque view of the mountainous region of South Korea but also gives out a nice impression to Korea’s colorful past, especially with regards to the nation’s faith.

Other Info

There are different trails to choose from to reach the peak of Jirisan Mountain. Whichever way you choose, it is surely an enjoyable ride going up and a fulfilling descend going down.